The Mindful Habit: for Porn and Sex Addiction

If you've been looking for a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured program that will change your life you've found it. The most revolutionary online course in existence is coming soon.

  • Online in the privacy of your home.
  • Combines the science of habit, mindfulness, and action to drive change fast.
  • Teaches you real tools and techniques to stop compulsive behavior.
  • Embrace your power of choice by focusing on creating the life you want.
  • Is taught by Certified Life Coach and former porn and sex addict Craig Perra.
  • Is not 12 Step based - and it will change your life.

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I can’t speak highly enough about Craig and the work he has done with me. He has created a wonderful program (The Mindful Habit) based on the latest science and refined with years of experience. I spent the better part of a year trying to build a program myself and finally found success when I reached out to Craig. I am at a great point in my life personally as well as with my wife and continue to push that forward.What I appreciated most about Craig’s approach was his desire to make himself disposable as quickly as possible–I mean that in the best possible way. He cared immensely in equipping me with the right tools and mindset to serve me for the rest of my life. That desire coupled with his constant support have made a world of difference. I thank God for pointing me in the direction of Craig. If you are struggling, do your self a favor and call him!

Craig Perra
Founder of The Mindful Habit For Sex and Porn Addiction